Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles

2018 was another record year for Colorado as it relates to property damage caused by wind and hail storms. With so much storm activity in the State, homeowners are searching for ways to limit the amount of damage done to their property the next time a hail storm rolls through. Number one on their list of items to protect is the roof over their home. Fortunately, several Shingle Manufacturers have developed products known as Impact Resistant Shingles or Class 4 Shingles that are designed to better withstand hailstorm damage.

Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles in Colorado Springs - Colorado Springs Roofer CO Roofing GAF Timberline Armor Shield IIWhat are Class 4 Shingles?

When a shingle is classified as a Class 4 shingle, it is a reference to UL Test 2218, which is used by the roofing industry to test for impact resistance. This test uses four different sized steel balls, ranging from 1″ to 2″, which are dropped from heights of 12ft – 20ft, to replicate a high-speed hail impact. The back of the shingle is then inspected for cracking or visible signs of damage. Based on this test, shingles are given an impact rating from 1 to 4, with Class 4 being the highest rating in impact resistance.


Not all Class 4 Shingles are Created Equal

Despite the uniformity of the above test, NOT ALL CLASS 4 SHINGLES ARE THE SAME. It has been our experience at CO Roofing that there are significant differences in quality and performance between the various Class 4 rated shingles. These differences are based on how manufactures have designed their shingles to pass the above test.

Polymer Modified Asphalt (SBS) Shingles

The best performing Class 4 shingles use Polymer Modified Asphalt (SBS) technology. SBS Modified Shingles blend rubber-like modifiers into the asphalt of the shingle to create a more durable and flexible shingle. Other types of Class 4 shingles add an inexpensive layer of material (skim sheet) to the underside of their shingle. This allows the shingle to pass the above test but does not prevent the surface of the shingle from being damaged in an actual hail storm.

Make Sure You Get the Right Shingle

The different manufacturing techniques that are used to gain the Class 4 rating accounts for the significant differences in performance that homeowners experience that have Class 4 shingles. CO Roofing has a large list of clients in Colorado Springs that were re-roofed prior to the 2018 Hail Storms using SBS Modified Shingles. The majority of these roof did not receive any damage, while shingles that employed the skim sheet technology were totaled. CO Roofing prides itself on being one of the first companies in Colorado Springs to specialize in the installation of SBS Modified Shingles and will ensure that you get the best performing Impact Resistant shingle available in the Industry.

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