Never Roof Again!

impact resistant shinglesThanks to advances in asphalt shingle technology, you may never have to replace your roof again due to hail and windstorms. CO Roofing is the leading Colorado Roofer in the field of IMPACT RESISTANT ROOFING SHINGLES, which have been proven to hold up under recent hail storms without the need for replacement. This means that you may never have to roof your current home again! Call for your free roof inspection and let our estimator show you our line of Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles. Not all Class 4 shingles are the same, and we can explain the differences to you.

What Are CLASS 4 Impact Resistant Shingles?

Shingles are rated for impact resistance using the UL 2218 test standard. In this test, steel balls are dropped?at a range of 12-20 feet to impact the shingles at high speed, replicating the force of actual documented hail.?The back of the shingle is then inspected for any cracking or visible signs of distress from the impact of the?steel ball. The UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance rating, is currently the highest rating given based on the results of this test.

Roof Hail DamageWhat Are The Advantages Of A CLASS 4 Impact Resistant Roof?

  • Superior Impact Resistance
  • Better Granular Adhesion
  • Installation in Cold Weather
  • Increased Strength and Elasticity

Insurance Savings

In addition to the above advantages, installing a CLASS 4 Impact Resistant Roof can also save you money on your Insurance Premium. Many Insurance Companies give substantial discounts to homeowners who have CLASS 4 Impact Resistant shingles installed on their roof. CO Roofing will provide all of the documentation that is necessary for you to receive your discount to your Insurance Company for you.

Not All CLASS 4 Impact Resistant Shingles Are The Same

At CO Roofing, our experience in installing various CLASS 4 Impact Resistant shingles has taught us that not all Impact Resistant Shingles are the same. We have found that within this class of shingles, those that utilize rubber polymer technology (SBS) give the best performance against hail, wind and extreme temperatures. These types of shingles can also be installed at lower temperatures, which is a plus in Colorado.


Surprisingly, while CLASS 4 Impact Resistant shingles provide a huge increase in performance, they do not bring a huge increase in price. CO Roofing can provide your home with a CLASS 4 Impact Resistant Roof for much less than you would expect. In addition, your Insurance Company may reduce your Insurance Premium as well, which will cover any extra cost! No shingle is ?hail proof?, but with a CLASS 4 Impact Resistant Roof, you may never have to roof again.