Should I file a claim?

If there is any question about potentential hail damage on your home, the first thing you want to do is get a reputable roofer, someone you trust to come take a look at your roof to see if you have hail damage.

The biggest mistake that we see some homeowners make is that they will call their insurance company to see if they have hail damage. Often, this triggers a claim with the insurance company.

Now the problem with this is is that if there is not any hail damage found on your roof, you will have made an unwarranted claim, which will go against your record. As a result of this unnecessary claim, you will typically see an increase in your insurance premiums in the future. With that said, it?s critical that you don?t file a claim with your insurance unless you are certain that there is damage on your roof.

Rates could go up!

So how do you avoid filing an unnecessary claim? Well, the first thing you want to do is to have a reputable roofer take a look at your roof. Most roofers will do this for free and they will be able to inspect your roof and determine if there is enough hail damage on the roof to warrant a claim.

Only once we have confirmation that there is enough roof damage to warrant filing a claim, do you want to call your insurance company and start the claims process. One question you may ask your roofer is: How many hits were on each slope in a 10×10 area? Why is this important? Insurance companies typically require at least 8 hail hits within a 100sqft or 10ftx10ft area on each slope of your roof to warrant replacement.

Some times you will see situations in which insurance companies will replace only slopes that have enough hits; however, in an ideal situation, most companies will opt to replace the entire roof even if the necessary number of hits are found on 3 of 4 slopes.

If you have questions about your roof and are unsure as to weather or not you should file a cliam, we are happy to come out for FREE and inspect your roof so that you do not file an unnecessary insurance claim which could cause you to be dropped by your insurance or create unnecessary increases in your insurance rates.

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